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Engineering and Testing

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Engineering and Testing

Engineering and Testing


Systel's Engineering team is made up of industry experts with years of experience in mechanical and electrical design. Our engineers are on the forefront of rugged and thermal technology and are constantly pushing the envelope to design the most innovative solutions for the most demanding applications. Our engineers work closely with the customer to bring the desired system to reality using the following processes:

  • 3D Modeling for all Designs
  • Complete Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Define and Test Components for Compatibility
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design Layouts, Drawings, and Reviews
  • Build, Test, and Review Prototypes
  • Locked Bill Of Materials
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Customer Documentation
  • Revision Control

Our engineers perform extensive compatibility tests with first articles to ensure the configuration meets or exceeds the customer specification. Every process step and change is documented using our ECO process to ensure repeatability and to produce the highest quality system in a timely manner. The ECO process also drives all new engineering design/documentation. Furthermore the ECO process is tied directly to Systel’s MRP/ERP system. This flexibility allows real time revision control to WIP (Work In Progress).


Our trained system integration group tests, configures, and integrates to customer requirements. We develop working relationships with customers to fully understand and implement customer proprietary hardware and software into our systems. Custom testing and diagnostics are available for all requirements and can include the following:

  • In-House Shock and Vibration Testing
  • In-House System Thermal and Flow Analysis
  • Custom Installation and Configuration of Hardware and Software
  • Complete Diagnostic Before and After Burn-In
  • Bench and Burn-In Tests
  • Environmental Tests
  • Regulatory Certifications