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The Systel Advantage

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10 Point Survivor Technology

  • Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design and Verification Process

    Systel's Engineering Team is the culmination of years of experience and in-depth working knowledge of electrical and mechanical design. Our rugged chassis designs are the result of vast customer and application experience. Our engineers work closely with the customer to bring the desired system to reality using the following processes: 

    • Full FEA / Thermal Simulations
    • Inventor 3D Modeling for All Designs
    • Component Compatibility Verification for the Intended Application
    • In-House Shock and Vibration Testing for Design Qualification
    • In-House Thermal Chambers for Design Qualification Over Extended Temperature
    • Use of Locked BOMs and Revision Controls
  • Systel’s engineering and production pays particular attention to the routing of cables within the chassis for effective air flow considerations. We also make extensive use of dedicated cable tie downs (bridges) in our designs to ensure adequate strain relief and to eliminate cable pinching.
  • Shock Mounting of Storage Arrays All drives, passive backplanes, and some motherboards are shock mounted to the chassis. Proper shock mounting of critical components is necessary to survive harsh environments.
  • All add-in boards and some memory modules are secured through the use of hold down bars and clamps. Clamps utilize specially designed grommets for proper stabilization of boards as well as the memory modules. When necessary, we employ dual hold down bars to allow securing of full-length boards and provide a secondary role as chassis stiffeners.
  • All Systel designs incorporate advanced thermal technology. Temperature testing is performed at 50° C for a minimum of 24 hours with a maximum load as part of the qualification process. All Systel systems are designed and built to allow for maximum air flow, ensuring continuous operation at wide temperature ranges.
  • Electronics & Cable RTV Process Systel makes extensive use of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) for securing cables that are not locked down. This process is also used for certain electronic components on PC boards to ensure operation under demanding shock and vibration conditions.
  • Burn In Process
    Prior to final test, all Systel computers go through a 24-hour computer controlled burn in period at 50° C with full diagnostics to identify and eliminate infant mortality. For certain applications, the burn-in process is extended to 48-72 hours.
  • Supply Chain Management Services Systel has a robust program for counterfeit risk mitigation and EOL management of parts. From sourcing long life components to last time buys, Systel can provide a custom solution for your application.


Systel's Engineering team is made up of industry experts with years of experience in mechanical and electrical design. Our engineers are on the forefront of rugged and thermal technology and are constantly pushing the envelope to design the most innovative solutions for the most demanding applications. Our engineers work closely with the customer to bring the desired system to reality using the following processes:

  • 3D Modeling for all Designs
  • Complete Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Define and Test Components for Compatibility
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design Layouts, Drawings, and Reviews
  • Build, Test, and Review Prototypes
  • Locked Bill Of Materials
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Customer Documentation
  • Revision Control

Our engineers perform extensive compatibility tests with first articles to ensure the configuration meets or exceeds the customer specification. Every process step and change is documented using our ECO process to ensure repeatability and to produce the highest quality system in a timely manner. The ECO process also drives all new engineering design/documentation. Furthermore the ECO process is tied directly to Systel’s MRP/ERP system. This flexibility allows real time revision control to WIP (Work In Progress).


Our trained system integration group tests, configures, and integrates to customer requirements. We develop working relationships with customers to fully understand and implement customer proprietary hardware and software into our systems. Custom testing and diagnostics are available for all requirements and can include the following:

  • In-House Shock and Vibration Testing
  • In-House System Thermal and Flow Analysis
  • Custom Installation and Configuration of Hardware and Software
  • Complete Diagnostic Before and After Burn-In
  • Bench and Burn-In Tests
  • Environmental Tests
  • Regulatory Certifications

Total Quality Management

ISO logoSystel is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through continual improvement, the pursuit of zero defects, on-time delivery, and customer service. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Learn More About Our ISO Certification


Systel is proud to partner with industry leaders on the cutting edge of computing technology. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our rugged solutions provide the utmost reliability and value. Our partners share our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers and collaborate with us extensively in all facets of our engineering and technical support processes.

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Channel Partners

Arrow Electronics
Crucial Memory

Industry Affiliations

Association of the United States Army
Navy League of the United States
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
PenWell Publishing
RTC Group
Victory Architecture Working Group


We needed a vendor that could meet our rugged specs especially in terms of shock and vibration and we found that vendor in Systel. They have the shock and high velocity equipment that we need.  To ensure the quality of Systel’s products before purchasing, we environmental tested (MIL-STD-810) Systel’s 4U rack mount computers in their transit case and the computers passed with flying colors. Today, we buy a variety of products from Systel including 4U rack mount computers (IPC44410) and 19" displays (FPD7192). Systel was our first choice in 2005, and we have been buying from them ever since.

- Senior Test Engineer at Fortune 100 Defense Contractor

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