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Technology Partners

Technology Partners



Systel is a trusted Intel Platinum Partner, collaborating with Intel to consistently bring the latest rugged computing solutions to market. Systel integrates and tests a wide variety of Intel technology products including processors, storage, ethernet network adapters, and motherboards.

For more information on Intel's solutions, please visit www.intel.com.



As a Tier One partner, Systel offers a variety of high performance NVIDIA GPGPU-powered computing solutions as well as NVIDIA's backline technical support. Systel products incorporating NVIDIA GPGPUs include the HPC line as well as the Falcon-Strike.

For more information on NVIDIA's solutions, please visit www.nvidia.com.



Samsung Logo

Systel is proud to be a Samsung Enterprise Business Partner, providing unrivaled storage solutions for mission-critical applications. Systel incorporates high density, high capacity Samsung SSDs into a variety of rugged computing systems for the Defense and Oil and Gas programs and is on the forefront of suppliers offering Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME) DRIVES.

For more informations on Samsung's solutions, please visit www.samsung.com.